Community Relief. For Everyone.

About Us.
Many years ago, the Boise Firefighters Union recognized the need for assisting families and individuals with the overwhelming task of dealing with the aftermath of a house fire and other disasters, that we as firefighters respond to. To address this need, the Boise Firefighters Union organized The Boise Firefighters Burnout Fund in 1964.

We respond to provide victims with resources for their urgent food, shelter and clothing needs.

The Boise Firefighters Union works to partner with other local agencies to increase a victim’s benefits and to help provide information to quickly start the recovery process. Our Boise Firefighters Burnout Fund is funded through private and corporate donations and through fundraising activities.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit function of the Boise Firefighters Local 149
The Boise Firefighters Burnout Fund was established October 7, 1964 by Boise Firefighters Local Union members during Fire Prevention Week.

We specialize in providing short term assistance to families whose homes are destroyed by fire.

The organization donates to families so they can get essential shelter, food and clothing.

The Boise Firefighters Burnout Fund finished up year end (2017) the following numbers. We assisted 58 individuals/families. Paid out $24,000 to victims. Gave $3,500 in other charitable donations.

Thank you to the private donations and the fundraising event that support our cause.

We also participated in numerous fundraising events sponsored by community businesses where all proceeds went to victims.

Our Mission.
The Mission of the Boise Firefighters Burnout Fund is to provide immediate informational and financial assistance to families and individuals who are impacted by fire and other disasters in the City of Boise.